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How To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

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Even if you brush and floss twice a day like clockwork, you may still notice your teeth turning a dull yellow or brown shade. This is normal and happens over time, whether from the foods you eat or other habits, such as smoking cigarettes. If you are not quite ready for a professional teeth whitening, you can start working to whiten your teeth at home. Here are some different ways to naturally whiten your teeth. Brush Every Time You Eat and Drink This may seem excessive, but it is important if you want the whitest teeth possible. Many foods and beverages can stain your teeth if you are not brushing away the remnants, including red pasta sauce, wine, coffee and tea, and dark sodas. If you aren’t able to brush your teeth after every meal, at least rinse your mouth really well with water following your meals and after drinking coffee or soda. Use Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda Long before there were store-bought kits to whiten your teeth at home, people used natural ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. You can still use them to naturally whiten your teeth. What you want to do is combine these products to create a paste that goes on like toothpaste. First use your regular toothpaste to brush your teeth and get rid of the plaque and bacteria. Then combine baking soda and peroxide until it makes a paste. Put some on your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it, paying special attention to your front teeth. Try Oil Pulling Oil pulling is a relatively new method that many people are trying for better oral health. It may also help to whiten your teeth naturally. To do oil pulling, organic and raw coconut oil is strongly preferred. Put some oil into your mouth and gargle with the oil. The pulling comes from pulling it between your teeth, which is meant to clean them thoroughly. Coconut oil can also be a natural whitener, which is how it helps to lighten your teeth enamel. Try to pull the oil through your teeth as long as possible. You may only get to a couple minutes at first, but with more practice, you will get used to the technique. Brush With Apple Cider Vinegar Another product you can use while brushing your teeth is apple cider vinegar. There have been very good results when using this product, which you probably already have in your kitchen. Add some vinegar to your toothbrush and brush your teeth at least once a day with it. Immediately after using it, use a fluoride-free toothpaste to brush your teeth again, then rinse your mouth. This will prevent enamel damage from the acid of the vinegar, but still allow your teeth to be whitened. If you want a professional teeth whitening, visit a dentist, such as Red Cliffs Dental, and ask about laser whitening or tray whitening...

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Four Weird Forms Of Cosmetic Surgery

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Human beings have always striven for perfection, but some people seem to be taking these quests to different heights altogether. Here are four weird forms of cosmetic surgery that people have tried: Lengthening the Limbs Have you heard of limb lengthening surgery? This is what some people are opting for when they are unsatisfied by their short stature. The procedure involves breaking the leg bone and implanting a telescopic rod in its middle. The surgeon then uses the rod to pull the bones apart slowly (approximately one millimeter per day). This allows other tissues such as skin and arteries to regenerate around the rod. Only a few surgeons in the country have attempted this surgery. This might explain why the procedure costs more than $80,000 to perform. Getting a Poker Face Are you an ardent poker player? Does your face betray you when you play the game? Don’t worry; very few players can maintain poker faces for extended periods. Some people have found a way of dealing with the problem by going for poker face surgery. The cosmetic process involves injecting the face with Botox so that it becomes devoid of emotion. If you have such a face, then your opponent won’t tell whether you are angry, impatient or even elated. Changing the Color of the Iris What’s your favorite eye color? Don’t worry; if you don’t have the color you want, then you may be able to get it via iris color surgery. Some cosmetic surgeons claim that they can perform an artificial iris implant to change the color of the eye permanently. The technique involves making an incision in the cornea and inserting a flexible piece of non-toxic silicon into the eyes through it. Its proponents claim that it is short and painless; they also say that it can easily be removed in patients who change their minds. Implanting a Mustache For those who don’t have mustaches and would like to get them, a visit to Turkey would suffice.  Cosmetic surgeons in the Mediterranean nation are performing hair transplants for the upper lip that result in natural looking mustaches. In this case, the surgeons extract hair (with their follicles) from other parts of the body and implant them along the desired parts of the lips or cheeks. You can get this package for around $5,000 or so. Which of these four procedures do you think is the weirdest? Would you undergo any of them? Whichever form of cosmetic surgery you opt for, don’t forget to involve your general physician and reconstructive surgeon in the process from the beginning to the end. That way you minimize the chances of...

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Choosing The Right Senior Community For Your Lifestyle

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In the past, there were few options for people as they aged. However, you can now find a number of different options that suit the individual needs of a senior citizen. By taking the opportunity to look through these choices, you will be able to find the right senior community that suits your lifestyle. Retirement Community One option you have is a retirement community. This is a good choice when you have the ability to cook, clean and handle other daily tasks on your own. On the other hand, this community has emergency services should the need arise, which is why many senior citizens choose this type of location. Generally, the retirement location will have additional features such as a media room, outdoor gardens and pools for residents to use. These amenities are there to give you a place to spend time with others that are around the same as you. However, when you want privacy, you simply go back to your living area, which resembles an apartment or small house. You also have the option of bringing your own furniture, artwork and family photos to make your new living arrangements feel more like your previous home. Assisted Living A relatively new option is an assisted living community, which has a similar residential setup as a retirement community. Around 25 years ago, assisted living communities were a rare occurrence, since many seniors went to a nursing home or moved in with a family member once they needed help with daily activities. However, if you prefer to live on your own but you need some help, an assisted living location may be the right option for you. The biggest difference between these communities is in the services offer to residents at an assisted living location. One basic service is help with daily activities, which usually include medication monitoring, post-surgical care, meal preparation and house cleaning. No matter what aliment you have, these communities have staff members who can help you out. Some locations also have memory programs for those suffering from dementia. The memory programs help you focus on smaller tasks such as remember colors, shapes and the names of family members.   When you want to keep your current lifestyle, but you also want help, then it is best to look into the different communities for seniors (such as Harbor Lights House Assisted Living Inc). By taking some time to look into the amenities and services each location offers, you will be able to pick the right living arrangements for your...

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Skip The High Heels – Your Feet Will Thank You

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They make your legs look long and sleek and cause heads to turn, but wearing high heels can also be very damaging to your body. Women account for about 90% of the 800,000 surgeries performed each year for bunions, hammertoes, and trapped nerves yet podiatrists say that very few people are born with foot problems. High heels are seemingly the culprit for the following foot and other health problems found in women. Calf Muscle Shrinkage Studies have shown that women who wear a two-inch heel or higher for five or more days a week lose 13 percent of their muscle fiber length in their calves. This may be because when you walk in high heels you use more of the muscles on the front of your leg than on the back. The Achilles tendon can also be permanently shortened and tightened. Heels can physically change your muscles and foot position so much that wearing flat shoes can be painful. Back Pain High heels put your body in an unnatural position for an extended period of time if you are on your feet for most of the day. The front of the foot is held in a downward position as you walk, keeping your knee, hip, and low back in a flexed position. This misalignment can cause friction between the bones, tension in your muscles, and even lead to pinched nerves. Lower back pain is especially an issue because your body pitches forward more than normal when wearing high heels. Knee Problems and Ankle Sprains Extremely high heels have been reported to cause ligaments to snap and bones to break in the feet. While these are uncommon scenarios, a more frequent problem resulting from wearing high heels is ankle sprains. Many women simply step wrong and end up with a twisted ankle. High heels also put excess strain on the knee joint and increase the pressure on the inside of the knee. Over time this could lead to problems with the knee joint and even develop into osteoarthritis. Bunions and Hammertoes Bunions form when pressure falls unevenly on the joints and tendons in your feet. High heels increase the stress on the front of the foot three to six times more than that caused by a shoe with a modest heel. Due to this uneven distribution, the big toe joint becomes unstable and a hard knob forms where the big toe joins with the foot. The bunion juts out beyond the normal shape of the foot, making it difficult and uncomfortable to wear shoes. Bunions can be treated by a podiatrist but they are often painful and may require surgery for removal. Ill-fitting shoes that are too tight, too pointy, or push the toes out of balance can also lead to hammertoes. Hammertoes occur when the muscle and ligament around a toe joint are imbalanced. This causes the middle joint of the toe to bend and become stuck in that position.  Only surgery will put it back into its normal position. High heels may always remain fashionable but consider saving them for special events or limiting how often you wear them. Podiatrists recommend opting for modest sized heels or staying away from high heels altogether. You will have to decide for yourself whether looking good is worth risking your health....

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Tips For Sore Gums Caused By Dentures

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Those with missing teeth come to rely heavily on partial or full dentures to provide chewing stability and cosmetic enhancement. But wearing dentures can sometimes lead to pain or discomfort. Here are a few tips for avoiding sore gums when wearing dentures. Practice Oral Health Routines Having dentures doesn’t excuse you from having a thorough oral health routine. Having dentures actually increases the chance of certain yeast-based bacteria that can cause pain and inflammation over the long term. So it’s important to keep the environment in your mouth clean and healthy. If you take your dentures out at night, place them in a newly washed tray filled with denture-approved cleaning solution. This will keep bacteria from forming on the dentures overnight. Twice a day, use a soft toothbrush with toothpaste to gently massage your gums, tongue and the roof of your mouth the same way you would with a full set of teeth. The gum massages can help increase circulation to that area and make your gums healthier and less prone to soreness. Check Your Adhesive Dental adhesive works well to help hold full dentures in place over the gums. But the adhesive can only do its job if its used properly. Read the package instructions carefully. Using too much or too little adhesive can cause your dentures to slip around easier, which can rub your gums raw when trying to talk or chew. Note that dental adhesive isn’t a substitute from having old or improperly fitting dentures. The adhesive helps fitted dentures stay in place but doesn’t work like super glue. Get Fitted Any time your dentures begin to cause constant soreness, you should make an appointment with your dentist. The shape and positioning of your gums can change over time and the dentist might need to make a cast for a better fitting set of dentures. Don’t assume that a recurring problem will simply resolve on its own. If even fitted dentures are having trouble staying over your gums, you might want to ask about the possibility of dental implants. The implants are artificial, permanent tooth roots that can provide added stability to your dentures, which would fit down over the implants and essentially lock in place. Those who want to remove their dentures at night might not prefer this option, nor will those who don’t want to make multiple office visits to get the roots implanted. But if you want to have an easier time chewing, particularly hard foods like corn on the cob, implanted dentures might prove the perfect...

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Avoid The Flu This Winter

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When winter hits, there is more to worry about than just making sure the heat is working in your home. You need to protect yourself from the flu. The flu hits millions of Americans every year and even contributes to some deaths. If your immune system is weak, you could find yourself bed ridden with the flu quickly. While typically once you’ve gotten the flu, you have to let it run its course, there are ways to prevent you form catching it: Prevention of the virus One of the best ways to prevent you and your family from getting the flu is by getting the flu shot. While this shot is effective, it is not guaranteed that you won’t still get the flu over the course of the season. The reason being is that there are many different strands of the flu and the shot only really handles a few types. You also want to make sure you are washing your hands often. This keeps you from spreading germs that could be associated with the virus.  Treatment methods If you’re one of the unlucky ones that actually get the flu, then you will find yourself down and out for several days. Some people bounce back within about 2-3 days, while others may be down for a week or more. A lot of your recovery time will depend on your age and treatment methods. One of the worst parts about getting the flu is the vomiting and diarrhea associated with it. You must stay hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids throughout the day. This will not only keep you from getting dehydrated, but you will be more likely to make a quicker recovery. In order to stop some of the symptoms you experience while sick, there are many vomiting and diarrhea remedies available. One of the quickest ways to overcome these symptoms is to grab some over the counter medications at your local drugstore.  Who can get the flu The most common people prone to getting the flu are the elderly and young children. This is because their immune system is weaker than a regular adult. Should a child or senior come down with the flu, you are going to want to keep an eye on them for any changes in symptoms. This means watching them for a high fever, dehydration, or other serious symptoms. In 2014, there were 46 states who saw a high level of flu activity. Don’t become another statistics. Make sure to get the vaccine and wash your hands...

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Back On Track: How A Partially-Deaf Athlete Beat The Four Minute Mile And Paved The Way For Hearing Loss Assistance

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Approximately 95% of Americans diagnosed with hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids. Yet, many people suffering from hearing loss do not purchase hearing aids because of the financial burdens. One American track and field star, Jim Ryun, has made it his mission to help people suffering from hearing loss. Here is his story. The Four Minute Mile Throughout the first half of the 20th century, people believed that it was impossible for a human to run a mile in under four minutes. Going into the second half of the 20th century, the record stood stale at four minutes and one second.  Finally, in 1954, British track and field athlete Sir Roger Bannister finally broke the barrier and conquered a mile race with an astounding 3:59.4 minute finish.  The Sub-Four Minute Mile High School Record After Bannister proved experts wrong about man’s ability to conquer seemingly impossible athletic achievements, the number of runners who also broke the four minute mile increased dramatically. The majority of these athletes were seasoned, professionally trained runners; however, one such athlete, Jim Ryun, was a seventeen-year-old high school student. Jim Ryun was the very first high school student to break the four minute mile, and also the very first runner to complete all four quarters in under sixty seconds. His stellar running career blossomed, and he is probably best known for these athletic feats. Yet, he also vastly improved the lives of citizens across America because of his little-known disability. Cheers on Deaf Ears Jim Ryun’s athletic successes were so monumental that they often overshadow his other personal and political successes. But these athletic accomplishments do not alone define Ryun. As a young boy growing up in Kansas, Ryun contracted a very severe case of measles. He survived the disease, but lost half of his hearing ability in the process. Ryun admits that his hearing loss caused him great difficulty in the classroom, but he refused to let his handicap interfere with his outlook or prevent him from living the best life that he possibly could. Few people knew of his hearing loss. Ryun could not hear the crowds cheering him on and often misunderstood interview questions; he realized that many other deaf people were experiencing the same emotional, spiritual, and social challenges that he experienced, and decided to do something to help. Commitment to the Hard of Hearing Despite being hard of hearing nearly his whole life, Jim Ryun did not wear a hearing aid until he was well into his forties. He was able to live his life in a way previously impossible for him–a new life enhanced by his ability to finally hear.  Ryun entered the political arena and served several terms as a U.S. congressman. He introduced and promoted legislation aimed at improving the lives of people who suffer from hearing loss. In 2002, he convinced Congress to pass an initiative recognizing May as National Better Hearing and Speech Month, which is aimed at increasing awareness and treatment options for people suffering from hearing and speech disorders. He then co-sponsored the Hearing Aid Tax Credit Act in an effort to give a $500 tax credit for the purchase of a hearing aid.  Jim Ryun did more than just beat the four minute mile. He overcame his personal handicap and...

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How Can Chiropractic Treatments Help With Sleeping Problems?

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When a person does not get enough sleep, this makes every aspect of their life very difficult. They may have trouble staying on task at work, concentrating in school or interacting properly with others in social situations. There are many reasons why a person cannot sleep well. Unfortunately, even prescription sleeping medications do not always help. Some people have found that getting regular treatments from a chiropractor often improves the amount and quality of the sleep they get. These are three types of sleeping problems that many suffer from and how chiropractic care may help. 1. Insomnia When a person suffers from insomnia, they simply cannot fall asleep. This may happen from time to time or could go on for several days nonstop. Often this is caused by stress that prevents the body and mind to relax enough to fall asleep. Receiving regular treatments from a chiropractor can help the muscles to relax more which also calms the brain as well. Getting these treatments at least three times a week, can help get the body into a routine relaxed state so that sleep can be achieved every night. The treatments may not feel exactly the same as a massage, but the body tends to react in the same manner as it does when getting a relaxing massage on a regular basis. 2. Disturbed Sleep Disturbed sleep is a different condition than insomnia. With this condition, the person can fall asleep at a normal hour each night, but may not be able to sleep through the night. There may be a separate condition that causes disturbed sleep to occur, such as back or hip pain. If the person does suffer from chronic pain, the adjustments from the chiropractor can relieve this pain with the proper adjustments to realign the spine. This puts less pressure on the back or hips when the person is lying down and they may be able to sleep through the night as long as the treatments continue. 3. Restless Sleep Restless sleep is often triggered by sublugations on the spine. These sublugations compress on the nerves and can cause the entire body to become out of balance and this prevents restful sleep from being possible. Fortunately, adjustments done by a chiropractor can reverse the sublugations so that there is no unnecessary pressure on the central nervous system. This is also the reason why many people suffer from restless leg syndrome. They are not able to sleep well at night because they cannot control the movement of their legs. Chiropractic treatments have been successful in helping many people resolve this problem as well. To learn more, contact a company like First Chiropractic with any questions you...

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3 Ways To Treat Tailbone Pain

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There’s nothing worse than accidentally hurting your tailbone, or your coccyx. It makes it difficult to sit still for extended periods of time, but it also makes it painful to move. In order to make sure that you heal as quickly as possible, you need to take steps to treat your coccyx. Luckily, there are three easy ways to make sure that you get the relief you need. 1. Home Remedies There are several different home remedies that you can use to ease the pain on your coccyx. The first is to ice it down. By icing it down, you will provide a basic level of numbness that will decrease the amount of pain that you feel. The ice will also prevent any swelling that could increase overall pain levels. Apply ice to the tailbone three or four times a day for about fifteen minutes each time. Another action that you can take is to reduce the pressure on the tailbone. By sitting on a doughnut pillow, or a pillow that has a hole in its center, you can reduce the pressure on the tailbone when you sit. By reducing pressure, you will increase healing time and reduce pain. One last way to ease the healing process is to take aspirin or another anti-inflammatory medicine. 2. Stretching and Manipulation If you find that the home remedies are not enough, you can go to a chiropractor that specializes in treating such injuries, such as Buffalo Grove Chiropractic Center. The chiropractor will be able to stretch the ligaments around the coccyx, which will reduce any swelling and make it easier to sit comfortably. The chiropractor will also be able to align the spine, which will make sure that the correct amount of pressure is being placed on the coccyx, as opposed to an excess of pressure.  3. Injections If the injury to the coccyx appears to be permanent, or if the pain is chronic. injecting a numbing medication and a steroid into the area around the coccyx will drastically improve a person’s quality of life. The numbing agent will reduce the pain that you feel performing day-to-day activities and the steroid will make sure that the swelling is reduced so that the tailbone can heal more quickly.  If you have injured your tailbone or are suffering frequent pain in the coccyx area, make sure you contact a chiropractor or doctor to get treatment right away. Getting treatment will drastically improve your quality of...

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Back Pain Got You Down? 5 Ways To Eat And Drink Your Way To A Pain-Free Life

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Is back pain keeping you from the activities you enjoy? If you’re taking prescription medications, you might be interested to know that there are also some natural ways to alleviate back pain. In fact, you could be eating your way to pain relief. Here are some of the foods that you should have on hand to help get rid of your back pain: Juicy Berries If you haven’t added berries to your diet yet, you should head to the store. Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, and even cranberries contain ingredients that will fight inflammation and increase your body’s ability to heal.  Keep a supply of berries on hand to snack on throughout the day. Fresh Pineapple Fresh pineapple contains enzymes that help the body heal from injuries. It’s also an excellent anti-inflammatory food. Before you reach for the canned pineapple, you should know that processed pineapple doesn’t contain the anti-inflammatory enzyme. Put down the canned pineapple and head to the produce department for a fresh pineapple. Natural Green Tea Antioxidants help your body detoxify. When your body is detoxified, it can heal faster, which will reduce the pain that you’re experiencing. Green tea contains high levels of antioxidants. To reduce the pain and inflammation you’re experiencing, you should try to sip on at least two glasses of green tea each day. Clear Water Dehydration can lead to muscle cramps and a slow metabolism, both of which can cause inflammation and pain. Try to drink at least 32 ounces of clear water each day. A good way to tell if you’re getting enough water is to make sure you have to urinate at least 3-4 times a day. If you’re only urinating a couple of times each day, you’re not getting enough water for your body. Spicy Turmeric If you enjoy eastern foods, you’re well on your way to treating your pain. Eastern foods contain high amounts of turmeric. The main ingredient of turmeric is curcumin, which has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation. If you don’t eat eastern foods, you might want to add turmeric to your list of favorite seasonings. If you suffer from back pain, it’s important that you see your doctor. In addition to the treatment options that your doctor provides you with, there are also natural ways to fight the pain. This list of natural foods and beverages will help you reduce the pain and inflammation that are keeping your from an active life. For more information, contact a company like Southwest Florida Neurosurgical Associates with any questions or concerns you...

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