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How To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

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Even if you brush and floss twice a day like clockwork, you may still notice your teeth turning a dull yellow or brown shade. This is normal and happens over time, whether from the foods you eat or other habits, such as smoking cigarettes. If you are not quite ready for a professional teeth whitening, you can start working to whiten your teeth at home. Here are some different ways to naturally whiten your teeth. Brush Every Time You Eat and Drink This may seem excessive, but it is important if you want the whitest teeth possible. Many...

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Four Weird Forms Of Cosmetic Surgery

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Human beings have always striven for perfection, but some people seem to be taking these quests to different heights altogether. Here are four weird forms of cosmetic surgery that people have tried: Lengthening the Limbs Have you heard of limb lengthening surgery? This is what some people are opting for when they are unsatisfied by their short stature. The procedure involves breaking the leg bone and implanting a telescopic rod in its middle. The surgeon then uses the rod to pull the bones apart slowly (approximately one millimeter per day)....

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Choosing The Right Senior Community For Your Lifestyle

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In the past, there were few options for people as they aged. However, you can now find a number of different options that suit the individual needs of a senior citizen. By taking the opportunity to look through these choices, you will be able to find the right senior community that suits your lifestyle. Retirement Community One option you have is a retirement community. This is a good choice when you have the ability to cook, clean and handle other daily tasks on your own. On the other hand, this community has emergency services should the...

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Skip The High Heels – Your Feet Will Thank You

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They make your legs look long and sleek and cause heads to turn, but wearing high heels can also be very damaging to your body. Women account for about 90% of the 800,000 surgeries performed each year for bunions, hammertoes, and trapped nerves yet podiatrists say that very few people are born with foot problems. High heels are seemingly the culprit for the following foot and other health problems found in women. Calf Muscle Shrinkage Studies have shown that women who wear a two-inch heel or higher for five or more days a week lose 13 percent...

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Tips For Sore Gums Caused By Dentures

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Those with missing teeth come to rely heavily on partial or full dentures to provide chewing stability and cosmetic enhancement. But wearing dentures can sometimes lead to pain or discomfort. Here are a few tips for avoiding sore gums when wearing dentures. Practice Oral Health Routines Having dentures doesn’t excuse you from having a thorough oral health routine. Having dentures actually increases the chance of certain yeast-based bacteria that can cause pain and inflammation over the long term. So it’s important to keep the...

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Avoid The Flu This Winter

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When winter hits, there is more to worry about than just making sure the heat is working in your home. You need to protect yourself from the flu. The flu hits millions of Americans every year and even contributes to some deaths. If your immune system is weak, you could find yourself bed ridden with the flu quickly. While typically once you’ve gotten the flu, you have to let it run its course, there are ways to prevent you form catching it: Prevention of the virus One of the best ways to prevent you and your family from getting the flu...

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Back On Track: How A Partially-Deaf Athlete Beat The Four Minute Mile And Paved The Way For Hearing Loss Assistance

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Approximately 95% of Americans diagnosed with hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids. Yet, many people suffering from hearing loss do not purchase hearing aids because of the financial burdens. One American track and field star, Jim Ryun, has made it his mission to help people suffering from hearing loss. Here is his story. The Four Minute Mile Throughout the first half of the 20th century, people believed that it was impossible for a human to run a mile in under four minutes. Going into the second half of the 20th century, the record...

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How Can Chiropractic Treatments Help With Sleeping Problems?

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When a person does not get enough sleep, this makes every aspect of their life very difficult. They may have trouble staying on task at work, concentrating in school or interacting properly with others in social situations. There are many reasons why a person cannot sleep well. Unfortunately, even prescription sleeping medications do not always help. Some people have found that getting regular treatments from a chiropractor often improves the amount and quality of the sleep they get. These are three types of sleeping problems that many suffer...

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3 Ways To Treat Tailbone Pain

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There’s nothing worse than accidentally hurting your tailbone, or your coccyx. It makes it difficult to sit still for extended periods of time, but it also makes it painful to move. In order to make sure that you heal as quickly as possible, you need to take steps to treat your coccyx. Luckily, there are three easy ways to make sure that you get the relief you need. 1. Home Remedies There are several different home remedies that you can use to ease the pain on your coccyx. The first is to ice it down. By icing it down, you will provide...

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Back Pain Got You Down? 5 Ways To Eat And Drink Your Way To A Pain-Free Life

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Is back pain keeping you from the activities you enjoy? If you’re taking prescription medications, you might be interested to know that there are also some natural ways to alleviate back pain. In fact, you could be eating your way to pain relief. Here are some of the foods that you should have on hand to help get rid of your back pain: Juicy Berries If you haven’t added berries to your diet yet, you should head to the store. Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, and even cranberries contain ingredients that will fight...

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